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Since 1963, MLPI's mission has been to build solid, consistent partnerships with equipment manufacturers and vendors by providing valuable, convenient and flexible equipment leasing services. We can find a valuable financing solution for almost any equipment!
MLPI’s Vendor Programs assist high technology manufacturers – from industry leaders to early-stage companies – in generating incremental sales opportunities with a wide range of unique and flexible leasing programs. Our cost-effective 12 to 48-month lease terms allow manufacturers to offer a wider range of financing options to their prospective customers. MLPI invests in strategic and industry-leading technology equipment. Manufacturers benefit from MLPI’s expertise and our more than 40 years experience as a partner to technology-driven manufacturers.
Bankers Lease Plans partners MLPI with community banks to make leasing available to bank customers, but sparing the bank from the time and cost associated with starting a leasing department. Bankers Lease Plans can help banks turn a potential "No" into a "Yes," while allowing the bank to maintain complete control of their valuable customer relationship. MLPI can also work with bank clients who manufacture or sell durable goods, to develop a leasing program for their products.
Through its Transport Finance division, MLPI partners with commercial truck and trailer dealers to provide their customers, who may have less than perfect credit, with access to some of the most competitive rates in the industry. Dealers can typically expect an answer within the day. Go to our transport finance page for more information.
MLPI assists captives and other leasing organizations by acquiring the short-term segment of lease portfolios, including equipment leases that have reached month-to-month status. MLPI’s End of Term (EOT) program allows the selling organization to immediately recognize future revenue for portfolios of older generation equipment and to maximize the cash value of leased equipment which may be at the end of its economic life. By focusing on residuals, MLPI offers prices that usually exceed the current committed rental stream. Our purchases are non-recourse, with a complete transfer of risk as well as all administrative responsibilities.
Our Customers
Over the years, we've been lucky enough to work with thousands of oustanding companies and business owners. You may recognize some of the names above, but we have worked with startups, mom and pop, established firms and research facilities, big and small. We value our customer relationships, and there is no better compliment than repeat business.
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